Premier Non Stick CHINESE WOK 30cm with Stainless Steel Lid (2 coat)

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Cooking in Premier Non-Stick Cookware reduces oil consumption and thus significantly minimizes the risks of cholestrol-related diseases. It results in a healthier, more balanced, tasty and nutritious diet and a worry-free living. Multi-coating, solidity and an ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for food grade quality combine to make Premier Non-Stick Cookware a must-stick in any kitchen.

Non-stick Chinese Wok:
- Crafted in heavy - gauge aluminium for fast and even heating.
- Easy - clean inside and out
- High - domed cover for extra cooking space.
- Heat - resistant handles and knob
- The flat bottom wok designed for gas or electric range use.
- No support stand required. 

How to use:
1) Wipe off the inner cooking part of the pan with little amount of cooking oil. 
2) Remove the excess with a dry paper towel / tissue. 
3) Start with low flame to medium for better results. Avoid using high flames; it also benefits you in saving fuel. 
4) Cookwares are scratch resistant and not scratch proof. Always use wooden or plastics spatulas. 
5) Allow the pan to cool first and use warm water to clean the non-stick cookware with non-abrasive cleaners for a non-sticky, carbon free cooking. Avoid strong detergents. 

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